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 behind-the-scenes updates.​​​​


Kin & Kingdoms Books nz

For Fun

"I want people of all ages to experience history.
To join these diverse characters on their crazy adventures.
History doesn't have to be boring, learning doesn't have to be dull.
Education is best learned through personal experience
and it should definitely be fun."

Angela Curtis

Honorary Reader

If you have just purchased
one of my books, welcome.
I'm really excited you are here.
To thank you, I would like to send you behind the scenes sneak-peaks
and news before it goes public. 
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The Shotover - Book Launch

This Saturday 12th August at 10:30 am
Carson's Book Store, 600 Pollen Street, Thames.

Free Entry. All are welcome. Refreshments provided.

Order your paperback copy today.
Have it posted to you, or collect it at the launch
and have a photo with Angela
in her 1867 costume.
(The first 100 copies sold, will be autographed).

$28 + p & p.

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The Latest In News
NZ Herald - Angela's Interview

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and read the two-page spread

150 Year Celebrations - Sun Live

​150 Years of Gold Fever

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William Cobley on left with a light-coloured jacket and black hat - The Shotover - 1868

The Ashmore
Coming  This  ​Christmas

A Young Adult
Historical Adventure

I found an old diary from 1882 at the back of a museum. 
Doctor Knight, who sailed on the S/V Ashmore from Great Britain to New Zealand, recorded their 103-day journey.

I devoured the pages, researching the old English
phraseology and nautical terminology.
What I found inside was such an incredible story,
it had to be brought to life and shared with the world.

It's a story about courage, as they endured the
ruthless forces of nature, light-hearted buffoonery, 
motivated by boredom, and the relationships that
blossomed in more than one love triangle.
It's also about the birth of my great, great-granddad
three weeks out from New Zealand  and named after
the ship, as Ashmore Curtis.
If you want to be swept back in time and experience
this true adventure yourself, this book is for you.
By the time you turn the last page your heart
will be forever linked with the courageous characters
you'll come to know and love.
Because it's a true story they will stay with you like
old friends long after you've turned the last page
and read the words 'The End.'
Happy Hour