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 behind-the-scenes updates.​​​​


Kin & Kingdoms Books nz

For Fun

"I want people of all ages to experience history.
To join these diverse characters on their crazy adventures.
History doesn't have to be boring, learning doesn't have to be dull.
Education is best learned through personal experience
and it should definitely be fun."

Angela Curtis

Honorary Reader

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Angela is an avid historian and passionate about writing fiction, nonfiction and working as a ghost-writer.  
She works hard to create books that transport her readers back in time so they can experience historical events for themselves.

She previously worked as the NZ Director for a non-profit global organisation, Mercy Ships, and has since tried numerous adventurous occupations. Flying is one of them, and she blames her name for wanting to have wings.
Her C.V. looks like someone crossing off their bucket-list, but for now, Angela's life revolves around writing
and being at the beach, (and whenever possible, doing both at the same time).
"I haven't tried opera singing yet, but I'll wait until I'm 80 and can sing soprano.
By then I'll probably be going deaf so it won't be too painful. For me."

Angela's family and the roles they played in New Zealand's history are on museum walls throughout the North Island.
She claims that by researching her ancestors, she has learned why she's a little mischievious.
"It's in the blood," she says.

Angela prefers to write her stories in the Young Adult genre. 
She has a lot of fun with the characters, throws them into peculiar predicaments
and draws out their random sides typical of most teenagers.
"There's a lot of myself in Lillie," Angela admits. "Especially the embarassing moments and the fears she faced."

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